#WeAreStillIn – Lexington joins the Paris Accord.


Lexington Board of Selectmen voted to have Lexington join the Compact of Mayors who will adhere to achieving the goals of the Paris Accord!

We have already been on this road through the actions by Sustainable Lexington, Town Meeting and the Town Manager and the employees of the Town of lexington.

This is not just a symbolic gesture (which is important), but by joining the US Compact of Mayors we have agreed to develop an energy and emissions baseline (Done), conduct a climate vulnerability analysis (Done), set emissions targets (Done), adopt a climate action plan (Drafted but not formally adopted yet), and perhaps most importantly to take the actions necessary to achieve our emissions targets (Ongoing).

Finally, we have agreed to report our performance against these goals at least annually to the US Compact of Mayors, who will in turn report our overall performance to the UN as part of our collective commitment to achieving the goals set forth in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Also, the US Compact of Mayors has pledged to give us technical assistance (at no charge) to help us achieve these goals.

The Compact of Mayors was formed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg in September of 2014 at the UN Climate Summit. The Compact of Mayors officially merged with the Covenant of Mayors on June 22, 2016. The newly created Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy unites more than 7,100 cities in 119 countries across six continents in the shared goal of fighting climate change through coordinated local climate action. https://www.compactofmayors.org/