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Climate Central: Sound science and vibrant media.
Newsy aggregation of anything climate-related by a non-profit group of climate scientists.

Climate Progress: Commentary and guest editorials on climate science and politics edited by Joe Romm.

The Daily Climate
National and international news on climate topics.

The Earth Institute: State of the Planet—Climate Matters (Columbia University): Climate happenings and why you should care Columbia University’s climate science department.

Dr. James Hansen email list: Hansen periodically posts commentary on his recent papers and presentations on climate change and other topics.

Grist: Environmental news, commentary and advice.

Inside Climate News: News from around the world on climate topics

RealClimate: Climate science from climate scientists (can be a bit technical)

Treehugger: “Green” news and solutions.

Wunderground Climate: Latest temperature maps and monthly climate summary.

Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media: Connecting scientists, journalists and communicators