What We Do

LexGwac formed in the spring of 2005. Since then we have sponsored numerous events with the goal of educating about climate change and providing residents with useful information about actions to take.

  • Speaker Series
    We have brought some of the nation’s leading climate scientists to give talks at Cary Hall
  • Energy Efficiency Seminars
    Some of our most popular events have been seminars by home energy efficiency experts
  • Energy Fairs
    We have sponsored two large “energy fairs” with many vendors and experts on home energy efficiency.
  • Anti-Idling Campaign
    We supported the passage of a town anti-idling law and provided townwide education and signs.
  • Film Series
    We have shown a number of films, followed by discussion groups, at Cary Library.
  • Newspaper articles
    We have written many “Op Ed” articles for the Lexington Minute Man on climate change and energy efficiency topics.
  • Green House Tour
    In the spring of 2010 we organized a Green House Tour of energy efficient homes in Lexington
  • Citizen Actions
    We support and publicize actions that individuals and groups can take
  • Coordinating and supporting other citizen action groups
    We work with other climate change citizen action groups in the area.