For kids

Climate Change

Meet the Greens (PBS):  A site for kids about looking after the planet.  Grades 3-5.

Science News for Kids: Articles on climate change (Gr. 3-5):

Planet Protectors Club Reduce, reuse and recycle..  K-5:
6-8: (See life of a cell phone, etc.)

Earthman Project: Climate Crisis Jam—a musical message. Grades 3-5:

Polar Action Guide: NRDC Grades 3-5.

EPA Climate for kids, Gr. 4-8:

Great cartoon clip explaining the “greenhouse effect”:

Kid’s Crossing:  Living in the Greenhouse (National Corporation for Atmospheric Research) Grade 4-8, Topics:  What is climate?, Cycles of the Earth, The Warming Greenhouse, Long Ago Climates, Wild Climate, Climate in the News.

Take Aim At Climate Change (NASA Rap Music Video)  Grades 5-12

Climate Change Education: Funky site with lots of info for Gr. 5-9.  Videos (including Blue Man Group)

Flooding in Coastal Cities Middle/HS: coastal

Carbon for Kids: Gr. 5-9.  Graphic of CO2 produced by one U.S. citizen; video clips (note metric tons used—1 tonne = 2205 pounds)

Great Green Web Game. Union of Concerned Scientists:  Gr.  5-8 .

Low Carbon Diet (Middle/HS): Also Look for Journey for the Planet (Grades 5-7) – JFPsampleaction

Climate Institute: Gr. 6-9. Teen sites:

NASA/Jet Propulsion Lab: Gr. 6-12  Good up-to-date graphs CO2, global ice vieweri, climate time machine,

Ecokids.  Games that teach.

Cool Climate Kids’ Club K-5 (Canada):

BBC Climate Change for Kids Gr. 4-7.:


Energy Star for Kids:

I Buy Different: (Grades 4-9):  Helps young people understand their purchasing power and what they can do to reduce their environmental impact. 37-page activity guide. Smart Consumers: An Educator’s Guide to Exploring Consumer Issues and the Environment:

Kids Saving Energy.  Games, facts., and tips.. U.S Dept. of Energy:  Gr. 3-5

Energy Hog: game Grade 3-5.

Energy Quest Game:

Lose Your Excuse (for wasting energy):  Activities and information.  Dept. of Energy

Carbon calculators and converters:

Zerofootprint Kids (Carbon calculator) (Gr. 4-8): (can compare footprint with average in different countries)