Lexington Earth Day Celebration 2006

Where: Visitor's Center lawn, Lexington Center
When: April 29, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (rain date May 6)

GWAC is sponsoring an Earth Day Every Day Fair on April 29, from 10-2, on the Visitor's Center Lawn in Downtown Lexington.  Environmental groups, local advocacy groups, alternative vehicles, "green" vendors and others will be on hand for a family friendly fair.  There will be food, music and lots of information for those of you concerned about the environmental health of our town and our planet.    Watch for announcements around town.

Earth Day Fair Participants:

    Lexington Conservation Stewards
    Bikeway Committee
    Sidewalk Committee
    Anti-Idling Campaign
    Friends of the Arlington Great Meadows
    Lexpress/Transportation Advisory Committee
    Dept of Public Works, Environmental Services
    Bikes Not Bombs
    Massachusetts Technology Collaborative
    Mass. Climate Action Network
    Clean Power Now
    Living Structures Inc.
    Lexington Farmers Market
    Blue Heron Farm
    Sassy River Sauces
    Thoreau Foods
    Fiore di Nonno, Sandwiches
    Boston Vegetarian Society
    Green Grease Monkeys
    PlanetTran - Hybrid vehicle limo Service
    Organic Soil  Solutions, green lawn care
    Going Native Gardens
    Cycle Loft
    Lexington Toyota Hybrid Vehicles
    Segway Human Transporter
    Lexington Public Schools
    Girl Scouts
    Again and Again Recycled Sailcloth Bags
    Winslow Green Growth Investments 
    Progressive Asset Management 
    Miguel Melendez, Musician
    Butterbrook Farm, Acton - Organic Salads