Ted McIntyre talk at Cary Hall

Ted McIntyre, Ph.D.

The kick-off for GWAC's 2005-06 season was on Sunday night, October 16th at Cary Hall. Ted McIntyre, PhD, will gave a talk titled "Global Warming Demystified."

View the slides from Ted McIntyre's presentation. This presentation will open in a new window and is best view by Internet Explorer since it was converted from MS Powerpoint.

Ted McIntyre has had a long term interest in the physics of climate change and the technology of renewable energy. His background in science gives him insight into the fundamental physical processes involved. Most of his career has been in spent in developing the equipment used to make computer chips, where he has had many opportunities to present technical information to both general and sophisticated audiences. Now he is interested in combining his technical background and teaching skills in the effort to make people aware of the important energy choices our society faces.