Lexington Minuteman

April 5, 2007

Lexington Wins Solar Panel Array

Congratulations Lexington! Over 350 Lexington families and businesses have contributed to Mass Energy’s New England Wind Fund (NEWF) since early January in response to Lexington GWAC’s Lexington High School Solar Panel Challenge. The result is that Lexington High School will receive a 4 kWh solar array to be installed later this year at no expense to the town. This outstanding support from our community leads the state by a wide margin in terms of total number of donors to Mass Energy’s NEWF program, including the participation of much larger communities such as Boston, Cambridge and Newton.

Not only has this program demonstrated the resounding support of 350 Lexington families and businesses for the development of carbon emissions free renewable energy for the New England power grid, but very real benefits will accrue as well to the Lexington High School community. Energy provided by the solar array will supply enough energy sufficient to power approximately four classrooms, with the provision for adding additional solar panels through future programs offered by Mass Energy. The solar array will also become a teaching tool through the installation of data logging equipment which will allow for the development of curriculum activities focusing on many aspects of energy generation and efficiency issues.

This solar panel challenge opportunity has been a promotional effort on the part of Mass Energy to raise awareness and increase participation in its New England Wind Fund program. This program supports the development of community-based wind power projects here in Massachusetts and throughout New England, and is a core element in Mass Energy’s continuing effort to promote the development of clean, renewable energy for the New England power grid.

Keep the contributions coming! Though we have met our initial goal, contributions received from now on will still benefit the Lexington community. So if you haven’t yet made a contribution as part of GWAC’s Lexington High School Solar Panel Challenge, you may still do so by visiting www.lexgwac.org and clicking on Lexington High Solar Panel Challenge. These additional contributions will be accrued in an account maintained by Mass Energy for use by the Town of Lexington as credits for the future acquisition of additional solar panels or other renewable energy devices.

Lexington GWAC has adopted the New England Wind Fund as the recommended source for purchasing carbon offsets for those wishing to offset their household’s carbon emissions as part of its Lexington Challenge Program. The Lexington Challenge is an annual program being developed by Lexington GWAC to assist homeowners in reducing their household’s carbon emissions footprint. To determine your household’s carbon emissions and learn more about the Lexington Challenge program, visit the GWAC web site (www.lexgwac.org).

The Mass Energy Consumer Alliance has been advocating for New England consumers and the environment for over 24 years. Founded in 1982 as a heating oil buyers group to save consumers money, Mass Energy has since grown to over 14,000 members. Mass Energy has now applied these same principals to renewable energy. When thousands of people get together, they can make a difference in the way energy is created and demand more sustainable and affordable energy. The New England Wind Fund is a way to “vote” with your energy dollars, to help create an energy program for Massachusetts and New England that encourages the use of wind power and other clean renewable energy sources.