GWAC column for the MM June 24 issue.

McKibben’s Eaarth Is Downright Remarkable

"What I have to say about this book is very simple,” writes Barbara Kingsolver, author of such books as Animal Vegetable, Miracle, Poisonwood Bible). “Read it, please,” she says. “Straight through to the end. Whatever else you were planning to do next, nothing could be more important."

Indeed, Lexington native and climate activist Bill McKibben has outdone himself with his latest and most compelling book, Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet. We urge you to put this book at the top of your summer reading list. It is short, not technical (no charts or graphs), and provides a life-changing and hopeful path for a sustainable world…depending on the choices we make now.

High on Amazon’s Best Books of the Month list in April, reviewer Mari Malcolm notes that since he first heralded our era of environmental collapse in his 1989 book The End of Nature, McKibben has raised a series of eloquent alarms. ‘In Eaarth,” she says, “he leads readers to the devastatingly comprehensive conclusion that we no longer inhabit the world in which we've flourished for most of human history: we've passed the tipping point for dramatic climate change, and even if we could stop emissions yesterday, our world will keep warming, triggering more extreme storms, droughts, and other erratic catastrophes, for centuries to come.”

Yet, as Alan Weisman, author of The World Without Us notes, "With clarity, eloquence, deep knowledge and even deeper compassion for both planet and people, Bill McKibben guides us to the brink of a new, uncharted era. This monumental book, probably his greatest, may restore your faith in the future, with us in it."

In the hope of encouraging folks to read and discuss Eaarth, LexGWAC has scheduled two important events. First and foremost, we are delighted to welcome McKibben to Lexington on Sunday, August 29, 7:30 pm at Cary Hall to talk about the book and answer questions.  Books will be available for sale and signing.  Admission is free. Second, we have reserved two evenings (July 28 and August 18 from 7-9 pm) at Cary Memorial Library to discuss the book prior to McKibben’s talk.  We look forward to having this discussion with you.

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