GWAC: Dear Barack, Please honor energy commitment ...

By Lexington Global Warming Action Coalition

Wed Dec 31, 2008

Lexington - Barack Obama campaigned on the need to create a clean-energy economy in the United States. Last week, Lexington Global Warming Action Coalition (LexGWAC) and 67 other grassroots organizations sent a letter to the President-Elect to let him know that they intend to support the goal of clean energy, underscoring that this does not include taxpayer investment of so-called “clean coal” technology or unsafe nuclear power.

The joint letter, organized by and the Civil Society Institute, outlined 10 needed steps for short-term economic stimulus/job creation and additional movement to a clean-energy economy.

The nonprofit and nonpartisan Civil Society Institute think tank is an action-oriented research and community organizing center based in Massachusetts. CSI is a convener of a collaboration of grassroots organizations around the U.S. that are organized as, including LexGWAC.

The joint letter states:

“We write to support your stated goals to invest in clean energy and to lead the country toward a new energy economy that will address global warming, stimulate near- and long-term economic prosperity and help ensure our national security.

“As you made clear in your Presidential campaign, and in statements since, a strong economy for the United States is dependent on energy efficiency, investment in clean, renewable energy technologies, investment in new energy infrastructure, and training of our workforce to transit from old energy technologies to new technologies.

“The benefits to the United States are clear. For every $1 million spent on clean energy 18 jobs will be created as opposed to the 7.5 jobs created per million dollars on old energy technologies …”

The 10 steps outlined by LexGWAC and the 66 other grassroots organizations are as follows: